The winds of change are blowing in the garden of the Eagles


The Philadelphia Eagles just beat the Detroit Lions at a rate of 44-6. While the Lions are now 0-8, the adjustments made by the Eagles’ coaching staff and execution on the pitch shouldn’t be overlooked. Here’s all you need to know.

Fertilize the flowers

Nick Sirianni was pretty mocked after his now infamous “flower” analogy earlier this week, but there was nothing comical about the game he called Sunday. It seemed that Sirianni and Gannon had finally listened to all the outside noises and adjusted accordingly. The results, unsurprisingly, speak for themselves.

In attack we saw a totally different team. Jalen Reagor received direct touches on sweeps as the focus was on running the ball, resulting in four rushed touchdowns and the teams’ most productive outing on the pitch in a long time.

In defense there were more simple safety looks. Eric Wilson was a healthy scratch and more playing time was given to players like Davion Taylor and Shaun Bradley, who were played closer to the line of scrimmage. The defensive line received more blitz to feast on, which led to a big Josh Sweat game and a few flashy plays from most of the players up front.

Now, of course, it’s just the Detroit Lions, but this Eagles team was drastically different from the team we’re so used to seeing. Whether or not they are able to maintain that level of execution is a whole other debate, but we know they have it in the locker to completely change the way this team plays and the way game plans are. structured.

All of you, Philadelphia Phlowers fans.

Well, it’s about time!

Miles Sanders is probably sitting at home in a burning rage right now. After calls to throw the ball fell on deaf ears all season, Nick Sirianni gave in and decided to bring back the 2019 Philadelphia Eagles. Boston Scott and Jordan Howard each had 12 carries, combining 117 yards and 4 affected. Who saw this coming?

Kenny Gainwell was tasked with cleaning up in the fourth quarter after a puzzling absence from most of the game, but the Beggars can’t choose. The Eagles led the ball with genuine determination to do so, and that will be enough for this week.

Rookie edge rushers get up

As the game began to drift away from the Lions, the Eagles gradually pulled back their veterans and let their young players have fun in Detroit. This led to the very first career sackings of Milton Williams and Tarron Jackson, who were able to pick up where Josh Sweat left off.

It was encouraging to see the top four put to good use, but seeing them thrive when they were able to succeed was just as exciting. Sweat could be one of the cornerstones of that front four for years to come, and there’s a good chance Williams will grow up alongside it. It was fun to see the Eagles return to the brand of football we know them for and to a point where even the rooks entered the action.

Jalen Hurts takes a step forward

Of course, he still looked nervous sometimes. Granted, he tended to sprint out of the pocket a bit too early before throwing a ball deep out of bounds and leaving a lot of meat on the bone. But when he sat in the pocket and went through his readings like a true quarterback, Hurts looked a lot more comfortable than we’ve seen in recent weeks.

It was a big step for Hurts. You can attribute a lot of that confidence to having a solid racing game to lean on (shocking, I know), but if it can build a solid body of work by the end of the season. who shows real growth, then he’s giving himself a lifeline instead of becoming his own worst enemy.

That’s all the Eagles need him to do. To grow.

Photo by Scott W. Grau / Icon Sportswire

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